GMA abrasive and spare parts for waterjet cutting equipment

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Waterjet technique

Waterjet cutting is a highly efficient industrial cutting technique that uses a powerful stream of high-pressure and high-speed water to cut a wide variety of materials. With the use of specialized equipment, the water jet can reach pressures of up to 6000 bar, allowing for precise and clean cutting of materials such as metals, glass, stones, ceramics, plastics, and composite materials.

It is a cold cutting process, meaning that no heat is generated during cutting. This is beneficial for preserving the material's properties, preventing distortions, changes in structure, or unwanted hardening.

Rexpo specializes in supplying Australian GMA abrasives and spare parts for all high-pressure waterjet cutting equipment

To achieve this, we have exclusive distribution agreements with companies such as GMA Garnet, WSI Waterjet, Accustream-Hypertherm, and many others.


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We are official distributors of GMA Garnet

We offer everything you need for the operation of your machines that require abrasive. We supply different qualities of abrasive from various sources, including the Australian GMA, considered the highest quality in the market.

As a world leader in GMA garnet production, at Rexpo, we offer granularities of 80, 50, 30/60, 120, among others, perfect for waterjet applications.

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